When " Prince of Southeast Asia" Meet with "E-liquid King"

With the Smartisan phone employee Mr.Zhu Xiaomu achieved good results in the e-cigarette industry, More and more people in the mobile phone industry have entered the industry, bringing new ideas and fresh blood different from traditional e-cigarette companies. Currently, there is another overseas brand in the mobile phone industry, which is supported by Mr. Yao Jide, the chairman of the “e-cigarette inventor” HangSen Technology Group, to jointly create the new electronic cigarette brand “VENFUN ”. This is the spark of the collision between the new and the old two generations of businessmen, and it is another breakthrough in the field of e-cigarettes.

LEAGOO Group Founder, President & CEO Mr.Jhonson(left) and Mr.Yao JiDe(right)

Founded in 2009, LEAGOO is a technology-oriented and export-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. "LEAGOO" brand products mainly cover smart phones, smart medical, smart optoelectronics, smart home, smart city, IoT ecology, etc. As early as 2015, LEAGOO mobile held a large-scale brand conference at the Genting Hotel, the largest hotel in Guinness World Records in Malaysia. About 2,500 people attended the event. This was the highest standard for Chinese brands in overseas markets. With excellent quality and excellent service, LEAGOO brand has become one of the top five mobile phone brands in Southeast Asia, and has been praised as “Little Prince of Southeast Asia” by the industry. It has also won “National High-tech Enterprise” and “The Most Growing Overseas Brand”. "Overseas best-selling mobile phone brand", "practice innovative brand" and many other honors. In August 2017, the company officially formed an alliance with the Premier League. LEAGOO became the only mobile phone partner of the Premier League's Tottenham Hotspur Club.

August 2017, the LEAGOO & Tottenham London signed

As the smart phone, LEAGOO is a leader in overseas markets, and its products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In June 2019, LEAGOO entered mobile phone of LAZADA that is the first e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and successfully entered the top ten monthly sales of mobile phones in the Philippines. It was worthy of the title of “Little Prince of Southeast Asia”.

LAZADA Philippines 2019 June smartphone sales ranking

On the afternoon of June 30, 2019, Mr. Yao Jide who is founder and chairman of Hangsen Technology Group, warmly received Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng who is the founder, chairman and CEO of LEAGOO Group at the Hengxin Technology Building.

Meeting scene

Chairman Yao Jide invented the first PG / VG e-liquid formula in 2005. He is the world's best-selling smoky flavor creator of RY4, known as the "father of e-liquid." Hangsen Technology has established more than ten subsidiaries or affiliated companies in the United States, Britain, Poland, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. It is no exaggeration to say that Hangsen Technology is the "smoke king".

When the "Little Prince of Southeast Asia" meet with the "Smoke King", this is the surely of doing things. Sure enough, Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng announced at the meeting that the LEAGOO Group will enter the e-cigarette industry and establish a new e-cigarette brand “VEDFUN ”.

To make people happier and healthier is VEDFUN's brand mission, VAPE AND FUN is the brand's slogan, Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng said. Personality, fashion, freedom, and love are the brand labels of VEDFUN. VEDFUN will carry out cross-border integration from fashion, technology, health and other dimensions to create a brand with a trend.

Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng revealed at the meeting that the VEDFUN brand global launch conference will be held in London, UK at the end of this month. The VEDFUN global brand spokesperson is also about to be finalized, probably a top NBA star.

"VEDFUN's goal is not just to be a brand, but to create an industry platform with global influence," said by Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng who is founder and CEO of VEDFUN Technology. It is reported that VEDFUN intends to recruit more than 100 US dollars of e-cigarette industry development fund. This idea was highly recognized by the guests, especially the well-known angel investor Mr.Zhou Zhixuan.

Chairman Yao Jide said at the meeting that Hangsen and VEDFUN have complementary advantages and establish a strategic partnership. Hnagsen can provide VEDFUN with high-quality e-liquid products and help Chinese e-cigarette brands to go global.

In the summer of Shenzhen, in addition to the unexpected heavy rain, there are unexpected surprises. It is a long-awaited "Little Southeast Asian Prince" in the e-cigarette industry that will bring surprises to the world. Let us Look forward together.