VEDFUN E-cigarette Stunning Debut in the Philippines' First Mother-In-Law 90th Birthday Feast

On the evening of July 2nd local time, Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng, founder, chairman and CEO of LEAGOO Group, was invited to attend the 90th birthday dinner of Ms. Imelda Marcos who is the first mother of the Philippines and former first lady.

Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng (second from the right in the back row) attended the banquet of Ms. Imelda Marcos

From the beauty queen to the senator's wife to the first lady, Ms. Imelda Marcos is a political woman. At the age of 23, she only took 5 peso to Manila, participated in the beauty contest to win the "Manila goddess" crown, and married Marcus after 11 days of lightning love. Imelda helped her husband promote from the power of ordinary members to become the president of the Philippines, and he also became the first lady to be called the "iron butterfly."

Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng and Ms. Imelda Marcos

Ms. Imelda Marcos is the "legendary" of the Philippines

At the dinner party, Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng also had an in-depth exchange with Ms. Imelda’s only son, Mr. Marcos. Mr. Marcos graduated from Oxford University, an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and was elected to the House of Representatives in 1992. Since 1998, he has been elected Governor of the North Ilocos Province for three consecutive years. Subsequently, he was elected as the deputy leader of the minority in the House of Representatives, and now is the chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee and the chairman of the Public Work Committee. Many Filipinos believe that the ultimate goal of the former president’s son is the Philippine President’s position.

Of particular note is the simultaneous appearance of the dinner party, as well as the new e-cigarette brand "VEDFUN " of the LEAGOO Group.


There are two VEDFUN products in this event, namely the FEEL series (green) and the VX series (blue). The LED lamp in the middle of the bomb atomizer has a "V" shape structure, which should be the English initials from the VEDFUN brand, which is particularly eye-catching.

Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng, the founder, chairman and CEO of the LEAGOO Group, and the new e-cigarettes appear on such an important occasion, indicating that VEDFUN is about to land in the Philippines market. It is reported that VEDFUN will hold a brand launch conference in London at the end of July this year, and will also launch a global brand tour . The Philippines is likely to be a first for VEDFUN's global brand tour.

VEDFUN is the new e-cigarette brand of the LEAGOO Group

In 2019, the domestic e-cigarette market fought and the new brands sprang up. VEDFUN took the lead in turning its attention to overseas markets. This time it appeared in Southeast Asia, relying on the advantages of the singer group to cultivate Southeast Asia for many years, VEDFUN this new brand of e-cigarette can bring another hot story, it is worth looking forward to!