Billion E-cigarette Industry Aircraft Carrier Turned Out

If you ask which is the hottest electronics industry? Most people will say: e-cigarette! The Chinese e-cigarette brand represented by RELX, FlOW and other new brands will bring vitality to the entire e-cigarette industry. At 9:30 on July 16th, the opening ceremony of Shenzhen VEDFUN Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Baoneng Science and Technology Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen. The founder, chairman and CEO of LEAGOO Group, Mr. Zhuang. Xiaofeng personally unveiled the new members of the LEAGOO Group.

VEDFUN founder & CEO and his team members


VEDFUN is a new e-cigarette brand that has recently emerged. It has built VEDFUN e-cigarette International Industrial Park in Yibin City, Sichuan Province: 100,000m2 production base, 25,000m2 production area, 20 semi-automatic production lines, and 2 inspection and testing centers. The planning staff exceeds 5,000 people, and the annual output value is expected to exceed RMB 2 billion. It is determined to build an aircraft carrier for the e-cigarette industry.

E-cigarette industrial park

VEDFUN industrial park aerial view

“Self-built production bases, instead of advertising and financing, we are first based on the whole industry layout and patent technology accumulation. This may slow progress, but I believe we can go on the e-cigarette track. Go further," said Mr.Zhuang Xiaofeng, founder and CEO of VEDFUN e-cigarette.

LEAGOO group move to a new location

Since the founding of the LEAGOO Group in 2009, the young CEO has insisted on a diligent and pragmatic style of work. Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng said: "The LEAGOO group has gone through a decade of enthusiasm and has grown from a toddler to a healthy young. Today, not only is the joy of the LEAGOO Group's move, but also a new starting point for our next decade. VEDFUN is the new journey of the LEAGOO group for the next decade."

Yesterday, Mr. Zhuang Xiaofeng announced the product experience and global partner recruitment in the circle of friends, plans to free send out 10,000 experience products, VEDFUN really is very powerful! If you want to experience the new VEDFUN partner, you can pay attention to the VEDFUN e-cigarette official service number, and there will be event information push in the near future.

LEAGOO Founder, President and CEO Mr.Zhuang .Xiaofeng

VEDFUN 's two e-cigarette products VX series and FEEL series will be sold globally this month, and the Southeast Asian market will bear the brunt; VEDFUN JD official flagship store is also actively preparing for it, and will be on the line soon.

The pattern determines the outcome, the way of thinking determines the way out, the second half of the e-cigarette has been opened; the industry-oriented VEDFUN e-cigarette aircraft carrier is ready for long-distance navigation.